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10 Top Gardening Stories of 2016

2016 was the first full year of publishing Garden Fundamentals and we released 44 posts. The goal was to publish in-depth articles with a high level of accuracy – I think we have done that. Based on comments, many of you enjoyed them. To celebrate the new year I have selected the 10 most important posts of the year and present them again for your viewing pleasure.

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10 top garden posts of 2016

10 top gardening stores of 2016

Hylomecon japonicum

The most extensive review of wood poppies on the net.

Seed Dormancy – Explained

A close look at how seed dormancy works and what you can do about it.

Insecticidal Soap – Use It Properly

DIY pesticides solutions almost always include dish soap which can be harmful to plants. This post discusses various soaps and provides guidance on how to use insecticidal soap correctly.

Blooming Orchids

This is a popular post that explains how to get orchids to bloom again.

Planting Trees the Right Way

So few people plant trees correctly, and then the trees suffer. This provides everything you need to know to plant them correctly.

Hydrangea Identification

Before you can figure out the correct cultural needs for your hydrangea you need to identify which one you have. A special plant key is presented that makes ID easy.

Low Maintenance Landscape Design – 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid

One of the first, of many posts that discusses garden design. The ideas in this post apply to any sized garden.

Understanding Wasps – They Are Not Evil!

People hate wasps – I hope this post will convince you that they are very useful in the garden.

10 Reasons for Adding Art to the Garden

Art can make such a big difference to the garden. Find out how to make good use of it.

Water Lilies: Hardy and Tropical Water Lilies for Ponds

You can’t have a pond without waterlilies and this post walks you through their selection and care.


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