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Garden Myths Book Is Released

I started collecting and writing about garden myths about 10 years ago and for over three years I’ve been posting to on a regular basis. That blog has become very popular so I decided to write a book on the subject. I am pleased to announce that it was released last week.

Garden Myths - Book 1, by Robert Pavlis

Garden Myths – Book 1, by Robert Pavlis

Garden Myths – Book 1 is a collection of over 120 myths covering a wide range of topics. It is written for the average gardener who wants to know the truth about their hobby. After discussing each myth and providing back ground information it converts the knowledge into action items for the garden.

Many of the myths in the book are not published on and even when a myth appears in both places it has been rewritten to provide a new focus. If you enjoy this blog, I am sure you will enjoy the book.

As of today, the book is available from, for Canada and the various Amazon websites in Europe. It will also be available from Book Depository for global sales. Unfortunately, I can’t control how fast these sites post the book.

You can get a more detailed description of the book here: Garden Myths – Book 1

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