Free Gardening Books

There are some great gardening books available on the internet for free. The following is a list of some special ones that are worth reading or using as a reference. These are pdfs and not e-books. Enjoy.

Free books

Free books

Free Gardening Books

Enjoy these free gardening books.

Dr. Deno’s Seed Starting Books

A must-have reference book for anyone who is serious about germinating seeds.

Seed germination, theory, and practice.


First supplement to the second edition of Seed germination theory and practice.


Second supplement to Seed germination theory and practice.

North American Rock Garden Society Magazine

The Rock Garden Quarterly from 1938, up to a few yeara ago is available free of charge. Only members can see the last couple of years.


Ontario Master Gardener Reference Manual

A general gardening manual containing hundreds of pages of information. An $80 value is yours for free, thanks to the generosity of Ontario Master Gardeners.

MGOI Reference manual, second edition.


Knott’s Handbook for Vegetable Growers

Over 600 pages of useful information for growing vegetables.


Home Vegetable Gardening in Washington

Easy to read guide for the home owner who wants to grow better vegetables.


Organic Gardening for Dummies

Introduction to organic gardening – 350 pages


Botany Primer

A good introduction to botany with great pictures – something every gardener should read.


How Plant Roots Absorb Nutrients

This is a great discussion about how plants absorb nutrients into roots. It is a bit technical, but if you under salts and ions it is a fairly easy read. It is not a book – just a great web page reference.


This is part of a great resource called Plant Cell Biology for Masters, which covers many aspects of plant growth. The complete section can be found here:


Bee Basics: An Introduction to our native Bees

The 40-page booklet primarily focuses on bees native to North America, of which there are 4,000 species, found in forests, farms, cities, wildlands, and deserts.

Use this link to get the booklet: Forest Service website.

Tom Clothier’s Germination Database

This is a great source of four databases of germination information. You can’t download them, but they are easy to use online.


Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants

This 350 page book is by N. A. Krasil’nikov and was written in 1961. This link will take you to the English translation. It is a bit technical but will provide a real good introduction to the topic.

Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants

Scientific Literacy for the Citizen Scientist

This booklet was written by Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott and Catherine H. Daniels. Linda is one of the Garden Professors – a blog worth following. This booklet will help you understand the scientific method, and it will help you to decide which information is scientifically valid and which is not.

Scientific Literacy for the Citizen Scientist

Woody Plant Seed Manual

This is the USDA FS Agriculture Handbook 727, a handbook on seeds of trees and shrubs. It seems like a great resource except that each chapter and section is a separate pdf – so you need to download in sections.

Woody Plant Seed Manual

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