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Fertilizing Gardens the Right Way

Fertilizing gardens is a popular topic and every gardening book and website will give you advice. There are thousands of products on the market claiming they are the best ones for your garden. The problem is that almost none of this information is correct.  Most gardeners are wasting time and money on fertilizer they don’t need. Even worse is the fact that they are wasting a valuable natural resource and polluting the environment.

If you garden, please take the time to understand fertilizers. I know this is not a glamorous topic, but it is very important to the garden and the environment.

Fertilizing Gardens, using correct NPK ratios

Fertilizing Gardens

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10 Top Gardening Stories of 2016

2016 was the first full year of publishing Garden Fundamentals and we released 44 posts. The goal was to publish in-depth articles with a high level of accuracy – I think we have done that. Based on comments, many of you enjoyed them. To celebrate the new year I have selected the 10 most important posts of the year and present them again for your viewing pleasure.

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10 top garden posts of 2016

10 top gardening stores of 2016

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Arisaema franchetianum

Arisaema franchetianum‘Hugo’:photo by Robert Pavlis

Arisaema franchetianum‘Hugo’,photo by Robert Pavlis

It is late June in the shady garden and out of nowhere appears a spotted finger sticking out of the ground. It grows quickly unfolding a huge tripartite shinny leaf. Each lobe is almost as large as my hand. But the real treasure is hidden below the leaf – a striped cobra that needs to be seen to be believed.

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Grass – Lawn Care In spring

Grass is found in almost every garden and lawn care is part of a gardeners job. What should you do, and not do, to your grass in spring?

In this post I will look at lawn maintenance for temperate climates that grow cool growing types of grass.

Lawn Thatch - lawn care in spring

Lawn Thatch – lawn care in spring

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Aconitum x cammarum ‘Bicolor’

Aconitum × cammarum Bicolor header

Aconitum × cammarum Bicolor, by Robert Pavlis

Aconitum x cammarum ‘Bicolor’ is a special summer blooming monkshood. In zone 5, it blooms mid to late August at a time when other plants are slowing down. It can grow in full sun or heavy shade making it ideal for almost any garden.

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