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Growing Under Walnut Trees

There is a very common myth that says, “nothing grows under walnut trees”, but that is far from being true. If you have walnut trees in your yard or the neighbors yard, you can still have a very lush garden and grow most things.

Gardening Under Walnut Trees, Garden of Phil Reilly

Gardening Under Walnut Trees, Phil Reilly’s Garden

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Washing Roots Before Planting Trees

In my last post I described the right way to plant a tree or shrub. If you follow that process you will have success most of the time. Today, I’d like to look at a new method for planting trees that involves washing roots before planting.

Science does not stand still. Tree researchers are continually looking at ways to improve the planting process and in recent years a new way of handling the tree roots has come to light. It goes against everything that makes common sense, but it does seem to work. I have used the new method for a couple of years now on over 50 trees and I am quite happy with the results.  Researchers have been testing the process for a much longer time.

Washing Roots Before Planting Trees

Washing Roots Before Planting Trees

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Planting Trees the Right Way

Planting trees seems like such a simple thing to do, but most of the trees I see have not been planted correctly. A couple of years ago I was teaching a course on trees and wanted a picture showing the right way to plant a tree. I could not find one with Google, which illustrates the lack of understanding among gardeners and professionals.

Most advice on planting trees is wrong.

Everything in the post applies to both trees and shrubs – shrubs are just short trees.

Planting Trees the Right Way by Robert Pavlis

Planting Trees the Right Way, by Robert Pavlis

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