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Dealing with Voles and Moles

Voles or moles – which one is damaging your lawn and garden? They can be tricky to get rid of but before you do anything, figure out which you have and understand these interesting animals better.

Once you understand the problem you can look for the right solution. I’ll discuss some options in this post.

Mole and vole lawn damage, by Tuff Turf Mole Busters

Mole and vole damage to lawns, by Tuff Turf Mole Busters

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Understanding Wasps – They Are Not Evil!

Why do people hate wasps? They can sting, but 97% of wasps don’t. A sting hurts but you can do things to avoid being stung. A lot of people have an unhealthy fear of wasps, probably because they know very little about them except for the common yellow jackets which almost every gardener can recognize.

In this post I will explore their world and hopefully reduce your fear them. I’ll also show you how to avoid getting stung, or at least lesson the chance of an encounter. Learn more about wasps – they are extremely important for the garden.

People are starting to like bees, at least a little bit. Now it is time to fall in love with wasps!

Wasps have hairless bodies, tend to be long and sleek with a narrow waist between the abdomen and thorax.

Wasps have hairless bodies and tend to be long and sleek with a narrow waist between the abdomen and thorax.

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Earwigs – Getting Rid of the Pincher Bug

Earwigs (Forficula auricularia) are common garden insects that do very little damage to plants provided the numbers stay low. As the numbers increase, they can become a serious pest in the garden. When that happens it is time to get rid of the earwig bug or at least try to reduce their numbers to an acceptable level.

Female earwig nest, with baby pincher bugs

Female earwig nest, with baby pincher bugs. It is one of only a few insects that care for their young.

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Insecticidal Soap – Use It Properly

Insecticidal soap can be used to get rid of certain insect pests on plants, and it is one of the most non-toxic pesticides available. However, it is still a pesticide and needs to be treated as one. Many people use insecticidal soaps incorrectly, or for the wrong type of insect. In this post I will review how it works, which insects it controls and how to use it correctly. I’ll then review the problems with home made insecticidal soap.

Insecticidal soap controls aphids

Insecticidal soap controls aphids

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