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About Garden Fundamentals

For the past several years I have been giving seminars about gardening and garden design, in Southern Ontario. Two courses have been very popular:

  • Garden Fundamentals – a 6 week, 3.5 hours each week course covering a wide range of gardening how-to topics.
  • Garden Design – a 4 night course where I teach students the complete design process.

Both courses are designed for the home gardener.

I decided to start this blog/website in order to make the information in these courses available to a global audience. Garden Fundamentals will provide a wide range of topics for both beginner and advanced gardeners.

My other blog, is dedicated to unearthing the truth about gardening. It looks at common and not so common myths and debunks them. The blog will go one step further and explain the science around the ‘truth’. Don’t let the word ‘science’ scare you off. The blog is written for the general public with no science background.

Who is Robert Pavlis?

I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, with a US zone 5 climate and have been gardening for more than 30 years – I stopped counting at 30! I am a Master Gardener and speak about gardening at many local gardening events and horticulture meetings. I contribute the ‘Plant of the Month’ articles for the Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society, write articles for some local newspapers and teach several courses at the local university.

A few years ago, I bought 6 acres of land and have been developing a large private garden called Aspen Grove Gardens. We now have about 3,000 perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees.

I am a plantaholic!

I have a background in chemistry and biochemistry and it is this background that helps me research topics and understand the underlying science behind things. Once I understand the topic it is then my task to present the information in an easy to understand style that is both informative and fun to read.

I hope you find Garden Fundamentals an educational site that helps you understand your garden better.

My gardening philosophy:

–          Understand the ‘why’ in everything you do.

–          Look to nature for answers – mother nature already knows how to garden.

–          KISS in the garden; KISS = keep it simple stupid.

–          Bugs and diseases are part of life – learn to live with it.

–          Organic gardening works – too bad ‘organic fanatics’ mislead the public.

–          Have fun – or stop doing it.

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