10 Top Gardening Stories of 2017

2017 has come and gone and it was another successful year – but then again my opinion is very biased. We posted numerous in-depth articles and lots of Favorite Plants. And Garden Fundamentals YouTube manged to add a new video before the end of the year; the myth of leaving leaves on the lawn.

You are going to see changes this year and I think you will like them all.

  • I will continue posting on this blog so nothing will really change here except that you can expect more posts about garden design.
  • Early in the year I will be posting several new videos on YouTube.
  • The new Facebook Group; Garden Fundamentals now has 334 members and is growing quickly. If you have not joined yet, do so right now so you don’t miss any of the great discussions going on there.
  • You might have noticed a change in the site header and our logo. I’m trying to brand all of the Garden Fundamentals sites into one family. I also hope to give this site a whole new look this summer.

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It is now time to look back at 2017 and review some of the best posts of the year: the 10 Top Gardening Stories of 2017.

Aspen Grove Gardens, my garden, 2017

Aspen Grove Gardens, my garden, 2017

Growing Under Walnut Trees

A common belief is that nothing grows under walnut trees, but that is simply not correct. If you have walnut trees this post will help you have a great garden.

Raised Beds – Pros and Cons

Raised beds are very popular now and they make a great looking garden, but don’t believe everything you read about them. Anything you can grow in raised beds can also be grown without them. Before you spend time and energy making raised beds, read this post to understand their true value.

Growing Subshrubs Like Lavender and Russian Sage

One plant that many people struggle growing is lavender and the main reason is that they treat it like a perennial when it is actually a shrub, more correctly called a subshrub.

Watering Plants Correctly – When and How to Water

The single biggest mistake gardeners make is watering their garden incorrectly. Learn how to use water wisely and keep your plants healthy.

Fertilizing Gardens the Right Way

Almost every book and blog post tells you to fertilize. Most of the time they are wrong. If you don’t fully understand when to fertilize and what to use, you are wasting money, wasting resources and polluting the environment. Please read this important post.

Winterizing Ponds and Water Features

It is January 1 so this advice might be a bit late for this year, but it is a good read and it just might help you next year.

Planting Perennials the Right Way

It seems so simple, dig a hole, plop in a plant and fill the hole. If you do this, most perennials will survive, but is that what you really want? Don’t you want them to thrive? This post will show you how to do just that.

Collecting Seed – Great Way to Propagate Plants

Fall is the best time to collect seed, but a lot of seed is still attached to plants in winter which can be a good time to collect them, even in very cold climates.

Colchicum autumnale – The Life Cycle Explained

Have you ever wondered what your bulbs are doing underground?  In this post I have a close look at Colchicum bulbs by digging them up at various times of the year. Seeing what bulbs are doing month to month gives you a great understanding of bulbs.

Clematis alpina

So many great posts this year, but I had to add at least one of my Favorite Plants. This is a darling, everyone should grow. Even if you don’t want to grow it – the pictures will brighten your day.


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